Saturday, October 2, 2010

catching up

Rooting on the Raiders UT v. Tech weekend.
It has rained a lot here lately. Ry and his friend Averi spent a morning splashing in puddles on our street. Good old fashioned fun!

Ry and Averi on the train at the zoo.

Ry at the Science Spectrum in Lubbock.

He couldn't get enough of these bubbles at the Science Spectrum. He was really good at making huge bubbles!

Sorry for the delay in posting for two months. It has been a busy few months, and here are some of our memorable moments.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Louisianna Trip

We just got back from seeing our dear friends Andy and Katrina. They have a 2 year old girl Hope who has the sweetest spirit. Ry and her had fun all week watching sesame street, playing kitchen and making a mess. We miss our friends, but were so happy to see them again.
Rylan at the New Orleans Children's Museum. So fun!

Toddler area

Ry and his new friend Hope playing "mommy at the grocery store" with their mardi gras buggies.

Am I cute or what?!

Fun at the park

Sunday, July 11, 2010

18 months

My new favorite picture! I just might frame it since it speaks volumes of truth about Ry's personality.
My girlfriend Cris got married July 4th. Mom and Dad came to help with Ry and attend the wedding. In the last 3 years, all my friends have had a lot of kids, so here are a few of us with some of the brood. 7 girlfriends + 3 years = 11 kids!

Typical day or dress up? You decide. Let's just say, momma needs to do less email and more monitoring.

Another dress up moment. Explorer Ry: there is nothing a plastic bowl and necklace can't solve!

De Colores! Where did he even find our lanyards? I couldn't even find them when I was trying!

too long since the last post

17 months was great! We celebrated Mother's day as a whole family and Uncle Brandon came in town too!
Every day Ry goes to Adam's closet and brings him clothes to put on. On this particular day, Adam decided he didn't want to change clothes again so he put the shirt on Ry.

Ry eating an apple whole.

Seriously, give me that cute smile and I will get you anything you want!

Sorry I have slacked on posting. There will be several posted as I try to catch up these next few days.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010

16 months

Always getting into something
Helping daddy build my new table

Patting daddy on the back to thank him for his hard work.

Helping mommy "fertilize"

Lounging on Buddy's bed. I can't keep this kid away from all things dog!

Monday, May 10, 2010